Congratulations & Thanks

Just like Tiger Woods' slogan, I always try to move forward in my activities. I try to convey to the athletes who work with me that you should never be 100% satisfied, but always continue to work and improve. There is always something to improve - no matter if technique, tactics or mental. My opinion is, who is completely satisfied remains standing - and who remains standing is overtaken by others. I am happy to make my small contribution to the development and success of those who trust me and believe in my abilities. On the one hand the athletes but also the parents, THANK YOU for your trust...
The weekend of 26.11. and 27.11. gave me a lot of joy, when I see these successes.

1. Melanie Merk 
27.11. TOP 24 U19 Girls Germany - place 3
06.11. TOP 48 U19 Girls Germany - place 3

2. Lena Sadrina
+240 TTR points since September 2022
27.11. South Baden Championships - U15 Girls single place 1
27.11. South Baden Championships - U15 Girls Doubles place 1

3. Seraina Rosset 
26.11. Champion East Switzerland U19 Girls Single
26.11. Champion East Switzerland U19 Girls Doubles   
27.11. Champion East Switzerland Ladies C/D 
27.11. Champion East Switzerland Men D
27.11. Championships East Switzerland Ladies Doubles - 2nd place

4th Vincent Rabara 
26.11. Champion East Switzerland U15 Boys Singles
27.11. Championships East Switzerland Men D - place 3
Qualification Top 16

I wish everyone a wonderful Advent season, Merry Christmas and a successful start in 2023.

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