Eurotrip 2023

The Eurotrip was held for the first time in July 2019. At that time the first boy, a U13 player, came to Europe for three weeks. 
Since then, we organize the Eurotrip every year from July to August. Talented children from Peru thus have the opportunity to get to know a completely new culture and to develop both athletically and as human beings. 
Eurotrip 2023 is the fifth Eurotrip.
The goal of the Eurotrip is to gain new experiences, improve the level and return to Peru with more knowledge. 
The Eurotrip lasts 3 weeks. During these weeks the children travel to three different countries. 
In the first week there are trainings in Switzerland with Pavel Rehorek in the clubs of the surrounding area.
In the second week there is a one-week training camp in Dillingen (Germany) under the direction of Martin Lodner. 
In the third week the children go to an international training camp and take part in a tournament in Olomouc (Czech Republic).
Eurotrip is organized by Katerina Rehorkova, Ivan Santivanez and Pavel Rehorek.

A report was also published on the website of TTC Kloten:

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