Pavel Rehorek

"The meaning of life is not to be a successful person,
but a valuable one!"
- Albert Einstein -

About me

As early as 1975, when I was 9 years old at the time, I discovered my enthusiasm for table tennis in my home country, the Czech Republic. This enthusiasm later turned into a career as a professional player and then as a successful coach.

After stations in the Czech Republic and Germany, I have now been living with my family in Neuhausen am Rheinfall in Switzerland for over 20 years. As former head coach of the TTC Neuhausen and various junior squads of the Swiss Table Tennis Association, I was able to celebrate my greatest successes as a coach here.

Among my greatest successes as a coach is certainly the 14-time championship of the ladies of the TTC Neuhausen in the highest division of Switzerland, as well as several title wins with various national squads of the Swiss Table Tennis Association. You can see an overview of my greatest successes here.

Training offers

I love working with people and enjoy passing on my knowledge and passion for the sport of table tennis to others. As an independent and licensed graduate coach, I offer a variety of training options for individuals, small groups, clubs and elite athletes.

Individual training

Regardless of age, skill level or playing class, this is the way to train in the most targeted and individual way. The training can be worked out and adjusted individually for you.

Club & Group Training

I work perspective oriented. My training is individually tailored to the club. Through system training as well as diverse competition preparation and ballroom training in the youth and adult area, the attractiveness and quality of your training can be increased. In contrast, small groups of 3 or more players can be trained in a performance-oriented manner, just like the professionals. By training in a small group, progress for your game can be achieved quickly for everyone.


The great successes can only be achieved in a team! I am happy to pass on my many years of experience as a certified coach with many national and international titles to players. 


Whether it's a one-day course or a training camp lasting several days. A training course offers the opportunity to train intensively. The organization of the courses is individual and is designed according to the playing strength of the participants. Of course, fun should never be neglected.

Social projects

For years I have been advocating the motto that in life you should not only take, but also give. For these reasons, in addition to my work as a table tennis coach in Switzerland, I support and promote two other projects in Nepal, Peru and Sri Lanka.


Since 2017, I have been supporting the AVM Table Tennis Club in Latipur, a district of Kathmandu in Nepal. It all started with an invitation to a training camp. This turned into a deep friendship and the joint establishment of a table tennis school. Already four times I had the luck to visit this wonderful country. My work was awarded with the prize for development cooperation of the canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland.


Since 2018 my big daughter Katerina lives together with her boyfriend in Huancayo in Peru. Together, the two have founded their own table tennis school. For 3 years now, I have been supporting them in their project, the intercultural exchange in connection with table tennis. Once a year we organize together the trip of table tennis talents from Peru to us in Europe, the so called Euro Trip.

Sri Lanka

In 2014, I was invited by the then president of the Sri Lanka Table Tennis Association to a training camp of the national team in Colombo. In addition, I organized a training camp for the junior players of the table tennis club in Kandy. I am still in friendly contact with these outstanding people to this day.


You want to know more about me and my projects? You want to book your training today? Then contact me.

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"If you stop getting better, you've stopped being good!"

Philipp Rosenthal,

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