Season review

Exactly one year ago, in June 2022, I started a new chapter in my professional life.
Basically, I want to look ahead, set new goals and seek new challenges. Nevertheless, I would like to take a brief look back at the last twelve months.
I have completely reorganized my weekly schedule and now spend my time supporting young and motivated players in individual training sessions. My goal is to help them progress step by step and achieve their own goals. I also work as a coach in various clubs: TTC Kloten, TTC Bülach, TTC Singen and TTF Stühlingen. There, too, I always try to work to the best of my knowledge and to pass on my experience.
It means a lot to me that both the players and the people in charge of each club are satisfied with my work. At the same time, I would like to thank them for placing their trust in me.

From all four clubs a member of the board has given a short statement about my work as a table tennis coach:

TTC Kloten - Denis Bernhard (President).

"Pavel has helped our club to new success with his experience and motivation. The number of junior players is increasing from year to year, thanks to Pavel's varied training. We were also able to rebuild the elite training thanks to his know-how. The feedback is always very positive, both in the junior area and in the elite area. We hope to have him in our club for a long time!"

TTC Bülach - Lucas Enz (Board of Directors / 1st Team)

"TTC Bülach hired Pavel Rehorek as their new coach last summer 2022. 25 table tennis players with classifications from D1 to B14 participated. Every Monday evening, up to 16 players could benefit from Pavel's guided trainings. Pavel is a humorous person who was very well received by all players with his easy-going manner. Through his and our ambition, Pavel was able to clearly advance various players with his immense knowledge and experience. We look forward to welcoming Pavel back next season as well."

TTC Singen - Andrea Schödel (Board of Directors / 1st Team)

"Pavel Rehorek since July 2022 coach in Singen

TTC Singen has succeeded in engaging Pavel, who lives in Switzerland, for its youth training on Thursdays.
The connection to Pavel came about through Andrea Schödel, who worked with him very successfully in Neuhausen, Switzerland 30 years ago and came to appreciate his way of training.
Pavel has a huge amount of experience in dealing with people through his many international coaching positions. He can adapt very quickly to different characters.
In addition, he has excellent technical knowledge. Pavel always manages to lead the children playfully to their potential.
His training is very varied and entertaining and the children are enthusiastic. He finds the right approach and the right exercises for each child.
We are very much looking forward to continuing to work with him."

TTF Stühlingen - Sven Demuth (1. Chairman)

"Only together we are strong!

A year ago we decided - after a phase of trial and error - to work with Pavel again. From the very beginning we had the impression that together we can bring the club forward. With his experience and enthusiasm for this great sport and our equipment and dedication, we wanted to put beaming faces in the Stühlinger-Halle again! We were even able to convince him to take up the racket himself and play in our men's team in the Landesliga, which meant for the team and also for the Tischtennisfreunde Stühlingen that they would be playing for the championship.

However, his main task was not limited to this team, but he explicitly took care of the new generation on Wednesdays, which was significantly decimated after the Corona pandemic subsided. Together we have managed to have the hall full of children again through the cooperation between the school and the club! First of all, this gives us hope as chairmen and secondly, it shows us that a joint effort is worthwhile!
We have shown great performances in both the women's and men's divisions. Men's 1 played for promotion, Ladies 1 advanced to the Verbandsliga, Ladies 2 were third in the Landesliga. All of this can be attributed to Pavel's continuous training work, which is tailored to the players!
Additional offers, which he made in the club, were gladly taken up also by club members. This includes individual trainings, but also courses, which he organized and carried out on his own initiative!

This is the only way to make club work fun and bear fruit!

Thank you, Pavel!"

Finally, I would like to mention that I got the opportunity to work as a physical education teacher at the school in Neuhausen, which has always been my big wish. I have completed a few lessons per week with students of the 1st-3rd Realklasse and have gained a lot of new experiences. Apparently the school management is also satisfied with my work, because I have also received a new contract for the coming school year with significantly more sports lessons. I am very happy about that and it gives me a lot of fun and joy. SPORT has been a big part of my life for the last 48 years, it is current and will remain an important part in the future. It is very important to me never to stand still and never to be 100% satisfied. There is always the possibility to improve something. Try to use every new day and move forward.

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